Installation Options

There are two alternatives to install the library:

  1. Install via pip

  2. Build from source code


The library requires Python 3.6+ and depends on standard packages such as pandas, numpy The requirements.txt lists the necessary packages.

Install via pip

After installing the requirements, you can install the library using the following command:

pip install jurity

Install from source code

Alternatively, you can build a wheel package on your platform from scratch using the source code:

pip install setuptools wheel # if wheel is not installed
python bdist_wheel
pip install dist/jurity-X.X.X-py3-none-any.whl

Test Your Setup

To confirm that cloning the repo was successful, run the first example in the [Quick Start](#quick-start). To confirm that the whole installation was successful, run the tests and all should pass.

python -m unittest discover -v tests

Upgrading the Library

To upgrade to the latest version of the library, run pip install --upgrade jurity.